HubSpot New Features

Aug 10, 2021

HubSpot keeps relasing more and more updates to its’ already easy-to-use software. The reason behind it is to add more power to provides its’ customers with more and more tools. 

This blog sums up some of the important July updates .

Marketing Hub

Email Saved Sections

The new heart by HubSpot is one of the biggest changes in the email marketing world. Up till now every time we wanted to create a similar email we needed to clone the old email (remember which email you want to clone) and make the changes on top of the email. 

But HubSpot, as always, decided to take it to the next level and make it easier to maintain.

Just like in the snippets tools the new heart will make it easy to create and save sections for reuse in the marketing email editor. You can now save assets like headers, footers, body copy modules and reuse them in future emails. 

New Permissions

  • Ads accounts– Different teams are responsible for different campaigns, therefore the need for different permission is required. The new feature adds the partitioning for Ad accounts by teams and users.
  • Campaigns calendar, and tasks– By adding the read and write options to the user roles governing access, you can have a better control of your team access to these parts of the tool


Pin Activities and a new search for activities- now you can pin to the top of an object record’s activity timeline for easy access. Keep track of activities with just a few clicks.

Sales Hub

Enroll In / Unenroll From Sequences Automatically

By enrolling new inbound leads into a rep conversation sales or services sequence you can make sure the lead is in the right customer journey path, save marketing and sales time without the need of manual work and provide best customer experience and relevant content per the customer journey stage

Conversation Intelligence

Customer conversations are the richest source of actionable insights for both sales leaders and reps. This new feature automatically takes notes and provides deeper insights into your team’s calls. You can Capture hours of voice data in your CRM and thus unlock coaching opportunities, quantify competitive trends, surface top objections, and identify changes in market dynamics. 

You can accomplish that by using either any existing calling software that you are already using or HubSpot Calling, Zoom, JustCall, and Kixie.

Still not sure whether HubSpot is the platform you need? We are here to help…

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